Brief History of Excelgrace Academy Akaajime Gboko

ExcelGrace Academy Akaajime, Gboko Logo

Our Origin

On the 12th of December, 2010 we were mandated under God to establish a school as a system, that by chain reaction;

  • Will bring the excellence of God’s kingdom in Nigeria and the world at large.
  • Will restore the glory and honour of education that the missionaries brought before it broke down.
  • To stand as an island in this ocean of mediocrity and compromise of value. This is a gate via which the world receives excellence. Since excellence is only a grace of God, Excelgrace is a ground where this grace is available.

Our Mission

Is by empowering the child with superior education and Gods divine nature to match global standard of pedagogy and erudition via empowering the teachers.

Our Vision

To produce men and women that will lead Nigeria out of its quagmire into excellence in all sectors; who stand in the society as light houses of wisdom and integrity; who will bring glory to God and the country; who will be an asset to God and humanity.

Our Core Value

Fear of God, Intellectual leadership, integrity and hard work.


The vision was through Pastor Apeh Emmanuel as a sole proprietor of the institution.

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